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2019 Kimmes Consulting Year In Review

2019 Kimmes Consulting Year In Review

Every year I like to reflect on the past year, did I reach my goals? Or did I fall short? I’ve read enough productivity books to understand that having SMART goals is critical to success in business as well as life. Every year I create a word document with my goals and hope that I reach them. This year, I printed it out and laminated it and had it up in my office something I did on a yearly basis; AND I added the task-oriented ones into Asana as well (many of my goals are a monthly or weekly discipline). I break my goals out in the following categories:

  • Career – I have separate sections for each of the companies that I manage for my full-time employer (Garland’s Inc). These businesses include Garland’s Inc, The Caster Guy, Cassidy Tricker Industrial Sales, Town and Country Trailer, and Cassidy Technologies.
  • Kimmes Consulting – I’ll touch more on this in a bit!
  • Personal – Family – basically boils down to being a better husband and father, going to church, etc.
  • Personal – Professional – carve out time for professional development courses, attend networking events and more.

2019 Goal – Grow Kimmes Consulting

For 2019, one of my big goals was to grow Kimmes Consulting. I have done side hustle work for quite a while now. It is something I always set out to do since I was in college. I even did my capstone on it. Of course, the scope of the business has changed quite a bit, the intention hasn’t; I love helping businesses grow. This year, I set out to do 1 project per month; mostly relying on UpWork for the projects. I prefer using sites like UpWork (or word of mouth) rather than outbound sales.

Where Would Growth Come From?

2019 kicked off and it was pretty busy, I was marked as a “rising talent” on UpWork and got daily invites to apply for gigs big and small from website redesigns to bug fixes. From that, I kept the momentum going strong and I have now earned the rank of “top-rated” on UpWork!

Another source of work that wasn’t really on my radar when 2019 kicked off was white label work and agency partnerships. I have particularly enjoyed these partnerships because they allow me to focus on the work that I enjoy, rather than the contracts, meetings, invoicing and negotiations. I am really thankful to have connected with some great agencies and I look forward to continuing our partnerships in 2020!

2019 Results

Well, it is safe to say that for this one, I crushed my goals. I did well over 30 websites for 2019. I helped over 30 businesses. I also had to turn down more work than I expected; something I honestly was not used to. In the moment, I hadn’t really realized the amount of work I was doing, when I’m looking at a project I basically ask myself 3 questions:

  • Am I the right person to complete this job? Sometimes clients require an agency with an entire team of resources and that is okay with me!
  • Do I have the time to do this? This is all side-work, so it can’t conflict with my full-time job, I’m also a super-involved husband/father so it can’t conflict there either. A lot of the times, side work ends up being put the kids to bed, and go back to work and get stuff done. Thankfully, kids go to bed pretty early!
  • Is it financially worth it? I typically bid everything at a project rate, so I am pretty in tune with how long something is going to take, and it doesn’t meet the hourly rate I have to turn it down.

So when I started looking at my performance for 2019 I was surprised to see how many were completed. I also realized that there was such a variation in the type of clients that I had! When I started Kimmes Consulting I was always concerned that there were only so many local businesses that would want to invest in there digital presence. As you can see from the map below, I was fortunate to service many businesses throughout the country (nationwide and international clients not pictured).

Thank You to All of My Clients!

Shout out to all of my clients that I was able to help in 2019! I have met some really great people. From startups to established local or nationwide businesses. Each of my clients had one thing in common, they want to grow their businesses. They understood investing in their digital presence was critical to their success going into the new decade.

2019 Wasn’t All Goal Crushing.

Although I crushed the growth goal for Kimmes Consulting, there are other goals I didn’t crush that I’d like to refocus on for 2020. The top two I would say are:

  • Fitness and Diet – although I somehow lost a little bit of weight this year, I need to be more disciplined at getting in the gym and watching what I eat more.
  • Household Task Contribution – you won’t catch me on the cover of Good Housekeeping. My wife, Allison, has a far more demanding job than I do; a stay at home mom. I had 5 weekly goals linking back to household tasks and I failed miserably.

What’s In Store for 2020?

For Kimmes Consulting, growth won’t be at the forefront as much; sustained growth, maybe. I’m going to focus a little more on written content such as this, sending email updates and valuable content/articles to my existing clients, and maybe some social media updates as well. I don’t even have a Kimmes Consulting Facebook page right now. I don’t really like talking about my work, and I am somewhat private. By somewhat, I mean I have social media but I am not very active on it. I always tell people, “if you want to know what is going on in my life, check out Allison’s Instagram or Facebook.” She is really good about posting pretty much everything on there!

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